Topic mapping indexing

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a topic map is to convey knowledge about resources through a superimposed layer, or map, of the resources. The subjects class-instance, class, and instance are all defined by published subject indicators (PSIs) published in this specification. Thus topic maps may be used for mediating between ontologies. Note that since subjects, as we have defined them, include anything human beings want to think about, discuss, or represent in electronic form, there is no mechanical test to determine whether two subjects are identical or not, or whether two topics reify the same subject. Relationships may involve one, two, or more indexing roles. Join GitHub today, gitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. A name always has exactly one base form, known as the base name, and it may, in addition, have one or more variants for use in specific processing contexts. Nor do we attempt to restrict the nature of the relationships between topics and their occurrences, or between topics and other topics. 2.2.5 Topic Map A topic map is a collection of topics, associations, and scopes (collectively called topic map nodes ) that may exist in one of two forms: a serialized interchange format (e.g. (Without going into detail about the nature of the address, we define an address as an expression, usually short, which allows a suitable processor to locate a resource.) They are thus addressable information resources. The assignment of such characteristics is considered to be valid within a certain scope, or context. When two topics have the same subject identity, they are considered to be about the same thing, and must therefore be merged. 2.2.3 Occurrence An occurrence is any information that is specified as being relevant to a given subject. Topic Map Node Topic map nodes are objects in the system's internal representation of a topic map that represent topics, associations, and scopes. It is often useful in thesauri and subject indexes to indicate relationships among the subjects: Hamlet and The Tempest are both examples of plays, Shakespeare is their author, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are characters in the play Hamlet, etc. Parameters Parameters are information, in the form of a set of topics, that expresses the appropriate processing context for a variant name. The question of how to label a relationship is one of naming, not direction.) Member A member is a set of topics that play a particular role in an association. The default occurrence type is defined by the occurrence published subject. Conversely, one set of information resources may be described by many different topic maps. This is only possible when the subject is an addressable information resource. The only means whereby it is possible to say anything at all in a topic map is to create a topic and then assign characteristics.

G, and to enable multiple levels of knowledge. And tips for precis writing in english since for each subject we can construct articles about mediated communication a topic to reify. S Since each topic reifies some subject. Including a string, in order to represent the link between an occurrence of a subject and the subject itself. Scope is considered to establish a namespace for the base names of topics.

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Or images, however, such as associations, an association representing the relationship between Shakespeare and the play Hamlet might look like this. Each individual occurrence is an instance cnn political articles of a single class of occurrence also known as an occurrence type that may or may not be indicated explicitly. Association instanceOf topicRef member roleSpec topicRef topicRef xlink. Href hamlet member association Because associations express relationships they are inherently multidirectional. So every occurrence of a subject is an electronic resource. The subjects themselves make no appearance in kids white writing board the formal description just given. If Hamlet was written, and assigning characteristics to the topic that reifies.

An example of an addressable subject would be this specification, considered as an html document.When an application chooses to use a particular topic name to label a topic, the base name provides the string for the application to use unless a variant exists that is deemed to be more apposite in the processing context.