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themselves fully in the real world. Acceptable Content Guidelines, we template would like for everyone to enjoy all the products that Zazzle has to offer. Please note that any low-resolution bitmaps in the PDF will still cause resolution warnings on Zazzle. How do I design for Dark Apparel? Phone, the best time to reach us is between 11AM-1PM PT (2PM-4PM ET). But if you have a jpeg image (or PNG image without transparency you cannot specify which areas are to be treated as transparent. You may not upload an image or text that violates the Terms of Use. If you save your file as a jpeg, the white portions it contains will be omitted, so you do not have to worry about the white box that encloses your design. The following content is not permitted at Zazzle: No text or images that infringe on any intellectual property rights including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and rights of privacy/publicity. Email, click here to send us a message. No events other than those with a family name incorporated (Johnson Family Reunion).

In this case, any white in your design will appear as the stereotype definition essay color of the shirt. In order to best match the color of the dark apparel your product will be printed. Mon Fri, the better your artwork looks, the better your Zazzle products will look. In the Zazzle design tool, you essay on gender roles on the big bang tv show will see a blue chat icon at the bottom of this article. Chat, if you do not own embed rights for a font. If you are calling from outside the United States. If someone other than you is the owner of the image or appears in it or has created the text. Appropriate Use Guidelines for Canvas Shoes coming soon 8AM 6PM GMT 8AM 6PM GMT, phone hours, we accept embedded fonts in PDF files if you own the embed rights.

Begin olark code end olark code Email UK Australia Canada New Zealand To send us a message, please click on your domain.This will generate an email for our customer support team who are eager to help and.

White text looks great on a black tshirt. The design you submit will appear at topical the same size and aspect ratio when your product is manufactured. Be sure to adhere to the minimum resolution of 150ppi when designing for apparel. Mon Fri, white is not printed on lightcolored Zazzle apparel including grey. In an image, then those transparency settings will be obeyed. PDF is a crossplatform openstandard and can be created from many digital design applications.