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of her soul. An Old Woman -Arun Kolatkar, in Arun Kolatkar's poem, "An Old Woman the main theme is about keeping what is important in perspectivein this case, an old woman and her heritagethe land from which she comes. But the old woman stands indestructible and alone. With this realisation theworld as he knew it seems to fall apart, disintegrating into so much rubble. I will help you. He said to her, Mother! The narrator feels ashamed. Her demands are simple: she wants a fifty paise coin only and for this she is prepared to take the tourist tosee the horse-shoe shrine, which he has already seen. She seems to imply. With a tone of finality he turns around wanting to call an end to the farce. She is the reality that will not be hidden. The cracks around her eyes which are reflected in the cracks in the hills and the temples are the symbols of neglect and theresulting deterioration in civilisation standards. The shock the man receives is looking at the sky, perhaps as blue as the woman's eyes: but what stops him is the sense that her eyes are like bullet holesthis image is shocking and riveting, as is, perhaps, his enlightened perception of this woman. There is nothing else she can do now at this stageof writing for yahoo voices pay being abandoned by her family in her old age. The man will not be interested: he has seen the shrine before. He led her across the road. For a price, she will take what seems to be a sightseer to a nearby shrine. An Old Woman is a pen picture drawn of a beggar woman who is old and alone.

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Be kind to this good boy said the old woman in her prayer. She is as immovable, however, this kind of persistence can essay on emily dickinson's my life a loaded gun get irksome. Andthey cling and wont let, the man may want to dismiss her because she is an old woman.

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The temples and even the sky. To the hills, and the cracks around her eyes. Shatterproof, essay the boy helped the old woman. The poem persuades its readers to give thought to this simple yet neverending reality of life old age and poverty.

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