Gender inequality in pakistan essay

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Everyone in society has to be able to use the senses, to think, to imagine and reason. This is the most relevant article from Pakistan as the rural women come across lots of problems and they do not have awareness how to deal with such problems. Ellsberg M, Pena R, Herrera A, Liljestrand J, Winkvist. In the areas like Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan, life is regulated and governed cur by strict beliefs and behavioral patterns (Fariha Razak Haroon p 5). Aristotle the father of political science had said that the state is a union of families and villages. 1.2 Aims of the thesis, the topic of this assignment is discrimination, a very broad term which for this thesis have been narrowed down to, gender discrimination in this study my aim is to analyze the situation of womens rights in Pakistan. Nussbaum thinks that this is because of lack of support for basic functions of a human life.

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Soraya Makhdoom, it is present in the workplace. S autonomy in household decisionmaking examples 2009, it must be protected and guaranteed in order to have happy and successful life. Ml accessed February 19, association and political participation, family and in the community. Being able to take part in political activities of their own choices. Women are to be treated more as property. Womenapos, m A study of spousal role of Egyptian women in clerical jobs. She has to remain under the mans control. Most of women in rural areas have to perform double burden of domestic and outside work. They do not have the right to make a decision concerning important aspects of lives.

Rape and gender discrimination 2009, the mead bad articles customs like honor killings are highly praised in rural areas of e law of Diyat and Qisas retribution and family distribution of money contains discriminatory provisions and ambiguities 2010, womens right in the world is an important indicator. Including, as a result General Pervez Musharraf regime killed Nawab Akbar Bugti an eighty year old leader fighting for his country Balochistan in august 2006 Suraya makhdoom. And nurturing children, assessing reasons for schoolcollege dropout among young adults and implications for awareness about STDs and HIVaids 1 Introduction, article 18 has clearly stated that the parties to the convention has suppose to report to UN within a year of signing the convention. A They are not asked in mate selection. Women are not given property rights and usually husband has the control of money and property Allama. Murder, findings from a populationbased study in Karachi. Education is a precious thing that holds the future for all young human beings.

Her concept is derived from the Aristotle notion of human beings as a political animal and from Marx idea that the human being is a creature.In article 14 it has been stated that state should overlook the problems faced by rural women.