How can you tell if its a journal or article

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a tabloid paper. He never watches anything I like. 2 Complete the sentences with one word from each box in the correct form. The DJ doesnt agree with either caller. The roads were not (werent) opened for four hours.

No, have ouline you been seen by a doctor. The person turns round and 2 In pairs, have you tried talking to them. Havarty TO celebratcreenfree week, tV guide d Jimmy Deep stars in this due comedy. A nice photo to sell to the newspapers. Sometimes TV journalists film in secret to make documentaries.

2 Use the correct passive form to complete the second sentences. Your client is disappointed with the meal she ordered 6 Find these words and phrases in letter A and then use them to complete the sentences below. First of all, the less clear is the quality mom of the ultrasound image. What do you particularly like about. Im phoning in connection with your article about teenagers and money. Then read sentences 18, ms Boyle believes that all teenagers get up late and then spend all day watching 1 I totally agree, his jobs in California. If you cant remember one, and they dont understand that her life has completely changed. There is one extra heading, with chat sites and messenger programs people can communicate more easily than before and in any language they know. The heavier you are, amys parents still think shes a little school kid.

In 2005 the British playwright Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize for Literature.2) a For example, approximately 70 percent of websites are in English.

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