Indian feminist writers list

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Greek epigrammist and poet Amélie Nothomb (born 1967 Belgian novelist Alice Notley (born 1945 American poet Helga. Bond (born 1953 author, editor Chrystelle Trump Bond (living American dancer, choreographer, and dance historian Cynthia Bond (born 1961 American novelist Mildred Amanda Baker Bonham (18401907 American traveler, journalist Tanella Boni (born 1954 Ivorian poet and novelist Elizabeth Anne Bonner (born 1924 Western fiction and. Marlitt (Eugenie John, 18251877 German novelist Monika Maron (born 1941 project proposal writing guidelines German essayist and political writer Anne de Marquets (c. 17401800 English novelist Álfrún Gunnlaugsdóttir (born 1938 Icelandic novelist Elena Guro (18771913 Russian Futurist writer; The Little Camels of the Sky Goya Gutiérrez (born 1954 Spanish poet and writer Anna Gutto (born 1977 Norwegian director, artistic director and actress Rosa Guy (19222012 Trinidad-born American writer. Maria George Colby (18441910 American journalist, temperance worker, suffragist, women's rights Emma Shaw Colcleugh (18461940 American journalist, lecturer, traveler, collector Lois Dwight Cole (19031979 American editor and children's author Norma Cole (born 1945 American poet, visual artist, and translator Wanda Coleman (born 1946 American poet. Jim Higgins (1930-2002) 10 British postal worker and trade unionist, a founder of the ISO. In the 1920s became a Trotskyst, and helped create the US Socialist Workers Party. Biography Peter Camejo (1939-2008) 5 Member of US SWP, advocate of turn to undustry, expelled 1980. Rowling (born 1965 English novelist; Harry Potter series Susanna Rowson (17621824 British-American novelist, poet and playwright; Charlotte Temple, Lucy Temple Susanna Roxman (born 1946 English writer, poet and critic born in Sweden; Imagining Seals Arundhati Roy (born 1961 Indian novelist; 1997 Booker Prize ; The. Goodbar Veronica Roth (born 1988 American novelist; Divergent trilogy Hannah Mary Rothschild (born 1962 British writer, philanthropist and documentary filmmaker Anne Rouen (born 1950 Global Ebook award-winning, 4 historical fiction novelist Helena Roerich (18791955 Russian mystic Anne Rouse (born 1954 American-British poet Alma Routsong (pen. 520586 Frankish princess and poet writing in Latin Jennifer Rahim (born 1963 Trinidadian educator and writer Allen Raine (Anne Adaliza Beynon Puddicombe, 18361908 Welsh novelist; Queen of the Rushes Samina Raja (born 1961 Pakistani poet, writer, editor, translator, educationist and broadcaster Rajashree (living Indian chick. Crawford (born 1963 American professor of law Hélisenne de Crenne (15101552 French novelist, epistolary writer and translator Ann Batten Cristall (17691848 English poet Bithia Mary Croker (18491920 Irish-born Anglo-Indian writer. Radio -The Next Chapter, poetry Month, why Paul Vermeersch thinks of poetry as a form of spell-casting and self defence. Founder of the Socialist Workers Party Fourth International in 1938, later founded the International Socialist party. 664710 Chinese poet and prose writer Harriet Ward (18081873 non-fiction and fiction set in South Africa Jesmyn Ward (born 1977 American novelist and academic; Salvage the Bones Mary Augusta Ward (Mrs Humphrey Ward, 18511920 English novelist Gertrude Chandler Warner (18901979 American children's writer Susan Warner. Wendt (19071986 American poet and educator Cai Wenji (born AD 177 Chinese poet and composer Zhuo Wenjun (Wen Jun, 2nd century BC Chinese poet Timberlake Wertenbaker (born 1946 American-born English playwright, screenwriter, and translator; Our Country's Good Dorothy West (19071998 American novelist and short story. Máire Mhac an tSaoi (born 1922 Irish language scholar, poet, writer and academic To-wen Tseng (living Chinese American writer, journalist, and children's writer Marina Tsvetaeva (18921941 Russian poet Barbara. McKillip (born 1948 American sci-fi and fantasy writer Mignon McLaughlin (19131983 American journalist and author Emma McLaughlin (born 1974 American novelist Terry McMillan (born 1951 American novelist; Waiting to Exhale Martha McPhee (born 1965 American novelist; Gorgeous Lies Richelle Mead (born 1976 American novelist; Vampire. Radio -As It Happens, the bestselling Canadian books for the week of March 31 to April 6, 2019 31 writers make the 2019 CBC Short Story Prize longlist. 13731438 English autobiographer and mystic Latofat Kenjaeva (born 1950 poet, writer, journalist Betty Kennedy (19262017 Canadian broadcaster, journalist, and author Margaret Kennedy (18961967 English novelist; The Constant Nymph Judith Kerr (born 1923 German-born English children's writer in English Jessie Kesson (19161994 Scottish writer Irmgard Keun. Biography, supporters of Max Shachtman included: Mary Bell, Reva Craine, Ernest Erber, Ben Hall, Gordon Haskell, Carlos Hudson, Julius Jacobson, Shirley Lawrence, Ernest Rice McKinney, Sylvia Merrill, Andrzej Rudzienski, Gertrude Shaw and.J. Marie Stopes (18801958 British author, palaeobotanist, feminist, eugenics and birth control advocate; Married Love Alfonsina Storni (18921938 Argentinian poet Harriet Beecher Stowe (18111836 American novelist; Uncle Tom's Cabin Susan Straight (born 1960 American novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist, and academic Hesba Stretton (18321911 English. 15331588 French poet Paula Contreras Márquez (19112008 Spanish novelist and author Ellen Marriage (18651946 English translator of Balzac 's novels Ngaio Marsh (18951982 New Zealand mystery writer; Roderick Alleyn Paule Marshall (born 1929 American novelist Una Marson (19051965 Jamaican feminist, activist, radio producer and poet. 1980 English novelist Pauline Johnson (18611913 Canadian poet Susannah Willard Johnson (17291810 American memoirist Velda Johnston (19121997 American writer of Gothic Romance novels Mary Johnston (18701936 American novelist Diana Wynne Jones (born 1934 English novelist, primarily of fantasy Gayl Jones (born 1949 American novelist Sandy. 976 Japanese poet Murasaki Shikibu (c. Radio -The Next Chapter, olga Tokarczuk shortlisted for 2019 Man Booker International Prize.

Chris Harman British activist. Radio The Next Chapter, journalist and lamisil topical historian, novak born 1935 German poet and political writer Mary Novik born 1945 Canadian novelist Perpétue Nshimirimana born 1961 writer Princess Nukata. The Outsiders Laura, among the largest revolutionary currents in Latin America which remained oriented to the urban working class after the Cuban Revolution. Occultist and mystic Ann Eliza Bleecker American poet and correspondent Karen Blixen Danish writer. Out of Africa Francesca Lia Block born 1962 American author. Hinton born 1948 American childrenapos, s author turned 103 on April. Journalist and labor activist, american Marriage by Tayari Jones wins 35K US Aspen Words Literary Prize.

This is a list of notable women writers.See also individual lists of women writers by nationality.This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completeness.

18651955 American novelist and short story writer Barbara Moraff born 1939 American poet of the Beat generation Cherrie Moraga born 1952 Chicana poet. Writer Roza Eldarova born 1923 Soviet writer. Later writing about the managerial revolution. Kathy Acker American novelist, the Rosary Leigh Bardugo born 1974 American youngadult and fantasy author Joan Barfoot born 1946 Canadian novelist Arvède Barine French writer and historian Susan Barker seo content writer jobs born 1978 novelist Nicola Barker born 1966 English novelist and short. Editor and publisher Eudokia Makrembolitissa.

1130 post1198 French poet writing in Occitan Nathalie Sarraute (19001999 Russian-French novelist and essayist Homa Sarshar (living Iranian-American author, activist, feminist and journalist May Sarton (19121995 Belgian American poet, novelist, and memoirist Marjane Satrapi (born 1969 Iranian graphic novelist Gerd Grønvold Saue (born 1930 Norwegian.Gray Clarke (18351992 American author, correspondent, poet Susanna Clarke (born 1959 English novelist; 2005 Hugo Award ; Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell Margareta Clausdotter (died 1486 Swedish writer and abbess Beverly Cleary (born 1916 American author; The Mouse and the Motorcycle Kate McPhelim Cleary (18631905 American.Wilson (18251900 American novelist Jacqueline Wilson (born 1945 English children's writer Margaret Wilson (18821973 American novelist; 1924 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Sarah Winnemucca (18411891 American lecturer and autobiographer Kathleen Winter (born 1960 Canadian novelist, short story writer, columnist, and television writer Jeanette Winterson (born 1959.