Kidney funciton scholarly articles

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concept that increased dietary protein leads to dehydration may have originated from an unsubstantiated extension of a 1954 review of the nitrogen balance literature. Association between chronic kidney disease and coronary artery calcification: The Dallas Heart Study. This point has been demonstrated in several trials in which antihypertensive therapy slowed the progression of CKD. Without question, long-term studies are needed to clarify the scant evidence currently available regarding this relationship. In this study, 65 overweight, but otherwise healthy, subjects adhered to a low or high protein diet for six months.

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Remnant kidney function remained normal and did not deteriorate during longterm 20 kidney funciton scholarly articles yrs followup in nephrectomized patients. Known as end stage renal disease 3, later research in the rat model produced evidence supporting earlier observations from canine research. Analysis of the effects of increasing delivered dialysis treatment to malnourished peritoneal dialysis patients. Workup and treatment of any associated irondeficiency anemia should be done in conjunction with this treatment because the effectiveness of the erythropoietin is dependent on iron as a building block for hemoglobin synthesis. While these findings suggest that high protein diets may be beneficial to hypertensive individuals.

kidney funciton scholarly articles

Kidney funciton scholarly articles

Vitamin D therapy may need to be discontinued. Assessed with a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire. Molecular biology of erythropoietin, was compared to the change in estimated GFR over an 11year span in individuals with preexisting renal disease.