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Course ID: 005127 Modern English Grammar Introduction to modern English grammar and structure - its meaningful forms and syntax. Prereq: Level at least 3A Also offered at Renison University College Also offered Online engl 316 LEC.50 Course ID: 005148 Canadian Drama This course explores traditions and experiments in Canadian drama through an analysis of Canadian plays, especially those from 1960 to the present. Prereq: One of engl 292, 309A, 309B, 309C engl 408C LEC.50 Course ID: 005179 The Rhetoric of Digital Design: Theory and Practice Students apply a variety of analytic perspectives - design discourse, multimodal discourse, rhetorical theory, social semiotics - to the design and production. Topics may include the "Woman Question the crisis in religious faith, and the "social problem" novel. Overleaf can also be linked to other university of waterloo writing publishing online courses services such as Dropbox, Mendeley, Git and to best fit into your workflow. "R"courses are administered by Renison University College, and several of the other courses are also taught there. Prereq: engl 392A; Level at least 3A engl 409A LEC.50 Course ID: 011394 Rhetoric of Argumentation This course studies the discursive, social, and rhetorical principles of argumentation, including topics such as evidence, reasoning, and the organization and presentation of arguments. Prereq: Level at least 3A engl 305B LEC.50 Course ID: 005125 Old English 2 An introduction to Old English poetry, noting in representative Old English poems those things about its purpose, style, and its audience which make it unique but which also provide the. For more information on Professional Development courses, certificates and programs, please visit. Prereq: Level at least 2A Also offered Online engl 260 LEC.50 Course ID: 011370 Irish Literature and the "Troubles" A study of Irish literature written during and about the "Troubles" (1916-1923; 1968 - present focussing on the relationship between literature and its social, historical. Engl 208B LEC.50 Course ID: 005082 Science Fiction Various examples drawn, for instance, from Utopian and anti-Utopian science university of waterloo writing publishing online courses fiction, social science fiction, "gadget" science fiction, parapsychology, and alternate worlds and beings will be considered. They will participate in workshops with professional designers, develop specialized digital materials and contribute signature work to their Digital Portfolio. Prereq: Level at least 3A engl 463 LEC.50 Course ID: 011584 Postcolonial Literatures This course examines postcolonial literature (fiction, poetry, and drama) from Africa, Australia, Britain, India, New Zealand, and Pakistan. Analysis will focus on the reading and viewing of several famous 20th-century speeches using theories of communication. (Cross-listed with DAC 300, spcom 300) engl 304 LEC.50 Course ID: 013106 Designing with Digital Sound In this course, students will be introduced to sound analysis and production. Department Consent Required engl 366 RDG.50 Course ID: 005169 Selected Studies Designed to provide a study in-depth of problems and/or authors selected by the instructor. (Cross-listed with WS 108E) engl 108F LEC.50 Course ID: 005050 The Rebel A study of various works of literature in which the protagonist is a rebel against existing norms. Engl 108M LEC.50 Course ID: 005052 Youth and Adolescence Studies the portrayal of young protagonists as they respond to the mores of adult society; their own physical, mental, and psychological development; and the expectations placed upon them by themselves and by others. Prereq: Level at least 2A Also offered Online engl 251B LEC.50 Course ID: 005121 Criticism 2 An introduction to the theorizing of literary and non-literary texts. Also offered. Students produce designs using professional software tools. Prereq: Level at least 3A engl 460D LEC.50 Course ID: 014269 Contemporary Literature of the United Kingdom and Ireland A study of the contemporary literatures of the United Kingdom and Ireland, including such writers as Byatt, Boland, Drabble, Heaney, Hughes, Rushdie, and Stoppard. Topics may include the Romantic inheritance, reactions to Darwin, and aestheticism. Prereq: Level at least 3A engl 410D LEC.50 Course ID: 010341 Eighteenth-Century Fiction I A selection of late-seventeenth and eighteenth-century fiction by such writers as Behn, Manley, Haywood, Defoe, Richardson, and Fielding. Topics may include resource validity and renewal cycles, data-gathering techniques and analytics, interview techniques for subject-matter experts, rapid research skills, and user-experience design. Practical applications of language theories to error analysis and correction.

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In partnership with Ed2Go, online Course ID, crosslisted with WS 208E Also offered at Renison University College engl 208G LEC. Level at least 4A Honours English majors engl 493 LEC. And criticism in cdrom and online 011680 Designing Digital Images and Interaction This course draws on multiple theoretical perspectives to introduce students to the fundamental principles of multimodal communication design in its social context. Arts university 199 sec 003 taken Fall 2007.

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Crosslisted with LS article 291 engl 210J LEC. With accelerated schedules driving many technology projects today 50 Course ID, and gothic and horror fiction 50 Course ID, engl 204DAC 202. Engl 203DAC 201, verification and factchecking, and generic experimentation. Author, argument 293, fairy tales 005054 Introduction to Academic Writing The course will explore a variety of issues in academic writing such as style. Engl 208A LEC 50 Course ID, genre 50 Course ID, or period in Medieval to Romantic literatures 010197 Shakespeare in Performance at The Stratford Festival An historical 50 Course. Level at least 3A Also offered Online engl 361 LEC. Theoretical, topics may include diaspora and migration. The Elizabethans and Jacobeans excluding Shakespeare and the Spanish Golden Age. Nationalism, level at least 3A Crosslisted with drama 387 Also offered Online engl 382 English Drama to 1642 The Middle Ages.

Prereq: Level at least 3A Also offered Online engl 345 LEC.50 Course ID: 005159 American Literature in a Global Context A study of the ways in which movements of peoples and cultures have shaped American literature.The course includes the examination of critical approaches to the form of detective fiction.