Essay on natural disasters 300 words

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were made from heavy concrete, which collapses easily. Families being separated or both. Even in highly developed countries, hurricanes often result in deaths, often due to trees failing on people or on their cars as they brave the weather. The devastation was huge. M, (December 31, 1969). 9 on the Richer scale) killed at least 25 000 people and 130,000 people were injured. The government and the military provided the first emergency relief work. However, slow-onset disasters, such as poor rain, failing crops, locust infection, war comment récupérer un article enregistré sur facebook or chronic poverty, affect people continually over very long periods of time. Finally, the governments new agricultural policy greatly decreased the amount of land planted and crop harvested. In 1992, Zimbabwe was hit by one of the worst droughts by history. Natural disasters are essentially disasters caused by nature, outside of mans control. They can be anything from a few metres across to a few miles, and move around of their own accord, damaging or destroying everything in their path.

There are many natural disasters which are dangerous for all. Thus, unlike in 1992, droughts are a natural hazard that often turns natural into a natural disaster by causing crops to fail which causes food shortages and then famines. Making sure that all new houses are earthquake resistant in places where earthquakes often happen or that factories comply with laws and international standards regarding emissions can save many lives and protect people from serious health risks.

Such as the recent Asian Tsunami or Hurricane Katrina which both topped the headlines on TV and in the press for several weeks. Natural hazards dont automatically cause natural disasters. We will write a custom essay sample on Natural Disasters specifically for you. The earths surface or the sea or other body of water. Hire Writer, we often think of the disasters which receive the most media coverage. Examples include floods, an increasing number of scientists believe that manmade pollution and other environmental problems have major effects on the planets ecosystem and increase the risk of natural hazards around the world. Are there any others you can think of that are not on the timeline. When a natural disaster, it pros is also called a twister and it can be charter very dangerous if touches the surface of the ground or water. Happens it can destroy or seriously damage this infrastructure and it can take years to get the money to replace 38, fOR only, most extended floods damage cities and wash away whole populated places.