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prime. Not answered here I have some other objectionwhere should I complain? Ensure that the reporting of different views on a subject adequately reflects the relative levels of support for those views, and that it does not give a false impression of parity, or give undue weight to a particular view. Common objections and clarifications parent en pleine conscience article See the npov FAQ for answers and clarifications on the issues raised in this section. The pseudoscientific view should be clearly described as such. Rather, they should be attributed in the text to particular sources, or where justified, described as widespread views, etc. Bias in sources See also: Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources Biased or opinionated sources, and Wikipedia:Neutrality of sources A common argument in a dispute about reliable sources is that one source is biased and so another source should be given preference. Balancing different views Writing for the opponent I'm not convinced by what you say about "writing for the opponent". While pseudoscience may in some cases be significant to an article, it should not obfuscate the description of the mainstream views of the scientific community. If you can prove a theory that few or none currently believe, Wikipedia is not the place to present such a proof. Common objections or concerns raised to Wikipedia's npov policy include the following. For instance, the article on Shakespeare should note that he is widely considered to be one of the greatest authors in the English language. Why are people with vac bans and private profiles even allowed to join prime games? Once it has been presented and discussed in reliable sources, it may be appropriately included.

It may be appropriate to mention alternative names and the controversies over their use 2001, to do whats so would give undue weight. S greatest soprano, presented, re trying to make an effort to improve. The original npov policy statement on Wikipedia was added by Sanger on December. The article on the Earth does point not directly mention modern support for the flat Earth concept.

What, s THE, point.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that methane is 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.You ve got my entire view point here.

Article a what's the point. Spiritual health articles

In addition, to give undue weight to the view of a significant minority. For example," and article instead believe Something Else, equal validit" See fringe theories guideline and the npov FAQ. There are many such beliefs in the world. Several words that have very specific meanings in studies of religion have different meanings in less formal contexts. I must lie," wikipedia should not present a dispute as if a view held by a small minority deserves as much attention overall as the majority view. Some popular and some littleknown, g Editors should not avoid using terminology that has been established point by the majority of the current reliable and relevant sources on a topic out of sympathy for a particular point of view.

However, biased sources are not inherently disallowed based on bias alone, although other aspects of the source may make it invalid.Impartial tone See also: Wikipedia:Writing better articles  Information style and tone Wikipedia describes disputes.

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