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on how to have fun with your students. For the Teacher - idea on how you can become a better teacher. Step 4: Do the Role-Play Activity Youll have to have pairs alternate between being customers who are shopping for a trip and racism topics travel agents who are selling their travel packages. Next, I explained that the boxes below the dialogue (the ones that say Travel Agency Name) can be used to make notes about the trips they hear about from other travel agencies. To make it more authentic, I cut the tickets out and gave them to the students (two tickets per student). Listening - idea on how your students can improve their listening comprehension. "on the spur of the moment" without planning or preparation "I decided to go to the party on the spur of the moment, so I threw on some clothes and left." "be decked out" be dressed in formal clothes for nice occasions "She was decked. See the main page for this month's articles. The kids in my advanced class told me they wanted to learn more about European cities, so I designed this travel agency role-play activity. I didnt involve money at this stage. Discipline - idea on how to keep your students in order. Its a bit complicated but you dont have to do it my way. Just look at my materials for ideas and then design your own role-play that suits your students. Step 6 : Closing At the end, I had each student stand up and say something like I bought a ticket to Vienna because I have never been to Austria and I want to eat sausages.

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Lessons, holidays Holiday idea you can use in your classroom. Top, music idea on how to use music in the classroom. Students mainly used Wikipedia in both Japanese and English. I teach at a Japanese junior high school. Using This Site, pronunciation idea on helping your students with their pronunciation. Games, business English idea on how to improve your company classes. Kids idea for those teaching eslefl to children. Jokes, grammar idea on how to teach grammar. PreListening Exercises, high School or High School ESL Students. Class Time, travel Agency Roleplay Activity Execution, table of Contents.

Basic speaking activity for asking WH-questions (what/who/where/why/how).The, internet tesl Journal is a free online journal for teachers.English as a second language that includes lesson plans, classroom handouts, links of interest.

In my class, i had the journal writing books students look at the notes they took and decide where they wanted. Once they understood what all the fields were for. Call Computer Assisted Language Learning, classroom Activity for, step. Conversation Oral English Speaking, so there are 6 boxes 6 other agencies to visit. Decide Purchase a Ticket In this class. We went to the schools computer room and the students began their research.

The expressions I decided to focus on were: go on a trip recommend famous for, i modeled the conversation with one of the advanced students in front of the class.Group Formation - idea and activities on forming groups and pairs.