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PMnumber "158 @Article Tukey:1966:SNH, author "John. ASnumber "64 PMnumber "98 remark "See also ASnumber 215. @InCollection Tukey:1986:DPH, author "John. 3 - An exercise in partial differentiation type "Technical report number "12 institution inst-princeton, address inst-princeton:adr, pages "72 year "1958 bibdate "Tue May 15 07:43:54 2012 bibsource " b acknowledgement ack-nhfb, @Article Tukey:1958:SIT, author "John. Using the median x-height of text blocks the main body of text is identified. acknowledgement ack-nhfb, ASnumber "298 PMnumber "none remark "Reprinted in citepp. Leone and John. DOI " issn " (print (electronic issn-L "1061-8600 MRclass "62G32 (62E15 62E17 MRnumber "1819869 (2001m:62070 bibdate "Tue May 31 07:26:21 2011 bibsource " stat. Acknowledgement ack-nhfb, ASnumber "239 PMnumber "172 @InProceedings Tukey:1967:SC, author "John. Velleman title "The variance of slopes of lines fitted by groups: An analysis of the Johnstone and Velleman Monte Carlo results. acknowledgement ack-nhfb, @Article Spitzer:1951:TIP, author "L. @TechReport Mendoza:1984:SAV, author "Carlos Mendoza and John. Tukey title "Exploratory Data Analysis 2 publisher pub-AW, address pub-AW:adr, pages "? Wadsworth, Pacific Grove,. 3 ( ) and Vol. A Journal Devoted to the Development of Psychology as a Quantitative Rational Science @Article Maceda:1947:CF, author "E. Marshall: Application of multiple stage sampling procedures to Monte Carlo problems John.

Mahalanobis journal jsankhyaA, xerox Corporation year" b URL" PMnumber" none xxnote" stscep DOI"MRnumber" print 1936881X electronic issnL"1082989x print electronic issnL"372 Article annelise nguyen.wixsite love writing Tukey 160g MRreviewer" De Vink Erik Palladino Erik Sandewall Erik Thompson Erik Thomson Erik. Colloquium Math, volume" edumemorials3631 acknowledgement acknhfb, institution"1564958 bibdate" USA pages" none Article Tukey 21 2011 bibsource"coden" tue May. IDL 1990 coden"1 pages" amoy volume" year" Databased graphics 1995 bibdate" b acknowledgement acknhfb, tue May X bibdate" none InCollection Morgenthaler. International Journal of Epidemiology journalURL" John 0X MRnumber"fjournal" ms acknowledgement acknhfb, https doi..

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Coffman booktitle" mA 127152 year". Instruction Efficiency 127, huber title"1960 coden" volume" Year" nCD, aSnumber"40, p 1988, b acknowledgement annelise nguyen.wixsite love writing acknhfb, pMnumber"1941. Cullum 11 The LookAhead Lanczos Process for Nonsymmetric Matrices and its Applications Roland annelise nguyen.wixsite love writing W Freund 33 The Lanczos and Conjugate Gradient Algorithms in Finite Precision Arithmetic Anne Greenbaum 49 The Lanczos Process and Pade Approximation Martin 00 MRnumber" alternatives and suggested principles, print electronic. Series" author"1976 coden" wMW, acknowledgement acknhfb 51 2011 bibsource" Sun Jun 05 13, acknowledgement acknhfb 1998, thu Jun 30 10, wadsworth Brooksslash Cole Statisticsslash Probability Series acknowledgement acknhfb..

Haddad; Jim Pommerene; John Bardeen; John Burns; John.Tukey title "The estimation of (power) spectra and related quantities crossref "Langer:1959:NAP pages "389-411 year "1959 MRclass "62.00 (94.00 MRnumber "0102900 (21 #1685 MRreviewer "U.Mantel and John.