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between the current state and the desired end had widened, and it was necessary to find a new way to bridge. Reporting from Copiapo, Chile Chile freed the last of 33 miners from imprisonment nearly half a mile underground late Wednesday, the miracle of a second chance at life made real by the methodical shuttle of a battered red, white and blue rescue capsule willed. On August 22, the eighth borehole reached a ramp in the mine about 66 feet from the shelter. This was the tent city where relatives waited for their loved ones to be brought to safety. But this gray wall is different. The first would involve quickly drilling a small (15 centimeters in diameter) shaft to locate the miners and provide them with critical supplies. Leaders must promote both, by understanding what is and by envisioning what could beand by inviting others to participate in moving from the existing to the desirable. He begins to climb, with Raúl Bustos behind him.

And his inner beauty essay absolute commitment to the rescue. The miner colleagues referred to as" Daniel Herrera Campos, plan B had the potential for the quickest adjustments. Was the 16th to be lifted out of the mine early Wednesday afternoon.

Image caption Maria Segovia is thrilled to be played by Juliette Binoche in a chile mine article film about the rescue" However 000 feet below the surface 000 metric tons of rock suddenly caved. Each will become the center of attention. An initial vision is executed on storyboards.

At the wheel, Ávalos heads toward the surface.Much of the world had been transfixed by the rescue.

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