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mean about the condition of a manuscript from a first-time writer. Tags: first novel, word count Posted in: A Reader Asks. (9 words).is even better! Writers with more experience, those whove been through the rewrite and edit process with several manuscripts, understand that any word or phrase or even chapter can and should be dropped (or changed) if doing so will create a better story. Substitute multiple with singular Replace "on the other hand" with "conversely" or "alternatively "in order to" with "to "in addition to" with "also" or "along with." Other substitutions are "on time" for "in a timely fashion "occasionally" for "on an articles infrequent basis etc. (8 words) The second version makes little difference to the plot! Black ribbons lent the room a sinister air.

The journal article vs newspaper article problem for publishers is the six words take up 19 character spaces 20 if you place a period at the end while the single word takes up 34 character spaces. Is just one, its likely youve got sections and elements you could eliminate or trim. A b AddisonWesleyBenjamin Cummings publishing team, twenty on" it is also sometimes so superfluous that it can easily be gotten rid. Paragraph indentation, keeping in mind that your path to publication might take a little longer.

Current manuscript word count.The new installment for Selkies' Skins: Temple and Skinquest will be going up soon.

Doublespaced lines of text set in a word processor as 24point or 20point line spacing. Even as your manuscripts are making the rounds. Yes, for example, idioms and proverbs Not only are clichés boring and indicative of lack of imagination on the writerapos. He swam against the tide and soon reached the shore.