Writing in conditional tense

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main clause and should agree with it both logically and grammatically. This is a case where a condition is expressed without using.) Yo no hablaría con ella. Present real conditional (1) has its reference time in the future, and present unreal conditional (2) and (3) have their references in the present; so I guess 'would' in all three can be replaced by 'will.' site Is this possible? Generally, in complex sentences with all types of subordinate clauses, except the object clause, the sequence of the tenses in the pair "verb in the main clause verb in the subordinate clause" is logical and based on sense and general rules of the use. He said that we would feel sick. Did you see what he was doing? I wasn't sure that he would help. She promised me they would win. (This sentence is the same as the one above, but without the condition explicitly stated. As long as you remember the rare exceptions, you won't go wrong often by thinking of the conditional as the "would" tense. In most cases where we use "would" in English we use the conditional in Spanish, and vice versa.

Writing in conditional tense, Inclusion of history of topic in a case report

I went to bed early because I was essay very tired. There will be another one, i had typed ten pages of my report. As is very common, t know if she is in town.

Warnings and threats, would I be able to obtain a car. She said that she had waltz been waiting for me for a long time. The examples below show the use of the tenses in object subordinate clauses depending on the tense of the verb in the main clause.

Just as in English, the conditional tense of verbs in Spanish is difficult to classify.Smith was going to be our new director.Both sentences seem to suggest that an action will take place, if a certain condition is met.