How to preview a medium article

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: "8 Medium Publications You Should Be Following." Now, on to tags. #4: Make the Most of Reviews and Ratings If you have a local business page, reviews and ratings may appear in place of your pages paper summary and website link so you want to make sure your page is collecting positive reviews. Once you bookmark a story, it will appear on your "Bookmarks" page, which you can access from Medium's homepage. From there you'll have four different sign-up options to choose from: Twitter, Facebook, Google, and email. The preview also appears when people hover over pages tagged in post descriptions or in branded content, helping introduce users to new pages through their friends and pages they follow. How many times have you flipped through a magazine in line at the checkout counter before deciding to buy? By increasing the number of shares, your posts will be spreader to your readers friends, families. 2) Does your post share the same theme of the publication? When someone sees a" being highlighted, they will much more likely to do the same and share it on their social media. Click on a link in the table of contents below to jump ahead to the section you're looking for, or keep scrolling to read the full guide. According to the Medium team, they're useful for "pacing, starting a new chapter, or just a little typographical delight." Another option for creating some separation between different sections of a story in Medium is to use a part, or separator. It can also help you come up with ideas for your first story when you do decide to write. This is often noticed when enabling Article Preview for back issues. To help emphasize the importance of what it is you're saying, the overall design of Medium is minimalistic, featuring lots of white space and limited formatting options. Readers will be able to enjoy the full experience of free articles while being prompted to buy or subscribe when they navigate to other articles within the publication. For the White House, that content includes. It does not update any articles inside the folio. And (as you can read in the screenshot below) the people you share the draft with will also have the option of leaving you notes. When the dashboard loads, click the Account Administration link in the left sidebar. Depending on the specific size of the image you upload, you'll have up to four different size options to choose from for displaying that image. Click the Edit link to customize this information as needed. The main benefit of following tags is that it can help personalize your Medium experience. Note that you have to use a Facebook account that doesnt have a role on your page. But it's important to understand that this isn't just another Twitter, or Facebook. When a reader navigates to a metered article in flip view, they will see a preview image of the first page of the article behind the large purchase panel. As you'll likely discover, writing in Medium's editor is highly intuitive and - from a stylistic perspective - nearly impossible to screw. I feel your pain.

How to preview a medium article

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Yep, there's a tag for that (granted only one story has been published under it).It is not necessary to update all articles in a back issue.Originally published Apr 14, 2016 7:00:00 AM, updated November 21 2017 Topics: Off-Site Content Don't forget to share this post!