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removed articles on spanking children and a brand new lecture theatre constructed. Paragraph 4 - Specific details of the main features. These are not as common as the charts, but it is worth practising. Before these developments, the island was completely bare apart from a few trees. (Word Count 250 / Band Score 9) Task Achievement - The answer provides relevant information, summarising why each site would or would not be ideal for the shopping mall location. The third is the most common and will be the main focus of this post. The new pedestrian crossing is making the area safe for the community and is very clear for drivers. It is fairly convenient for those living in Hindon and Gransdon as there are two ways to reach it, either by train or through the main roads. S2 is closer to the industrial area than the housing estate. There are main roads for transportation and countryside surrounds the main housings and industries of the city. These questions will require you to show your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, using the correct tense. A pier has also been built on the south coast of the island, allowing yachts access to the resort. You can use to the left and to the right, but a better way is to use north, south, east and west. The site in the south east, S2, is again just by the railway line and fairly close to the city centre, but it is near to an industrial estate rather than housing. Roads, bridges and railways lines- constructed, built, extended, expanded and removed. You will normally be shown two maps, as above and asked to select and report the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. This location would be ideal for the Hindon people for shopping but the people of Crandon and Brandon, which have great more population, would be far away from this supermarket. Firstly, it is apparent that the first site of the supermarket (S1) is located in the countryside where it is far away from the town centre and residential places. TIP Remember to compare the maps you are looking at and identify the main changes that you can see. It can be seen that the two sites under consideration are in the north and the south east of the town. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant. They have used words that are not included on the map. Examples : The forest was cut-down and replaced with a shopping centre. There is also a short road linking the pier with the reception and restaurant, and footpaths connect the huts. I hope this lesson has helped you and if you have any questions, please comment below. In technical writer toronto the ielts writing test you might be asked to describe a map in task.

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The diagrams illustrate some changes to a small island which has been developed for tourism. The sentences are have a variety of structures. The former chemistry, think about the main changes that you can see have they improved anything. Biology and physics blocks have been demolished and replaced with one large science flipboard block. It is clearly shown that one of the possible sites of a supermarket is in the countryside while the other in the town centre. Overall, finally, you need to focus on describing where things are in location to each other. The ability to describe change is crucial to answering these questions. In addition, dramatic changes took place in the city centre. When you write about a map. Its location is far away from Bransdon and Gransdon which have a higher population than Hindon.

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rbc black history month essay yconic S1 also has easy transport links. You need king solomon writings to be able to give a broad summary of the information. If you need help preparing for the ielts Test.

The two maps above show an island, before and after the construction of some tourist facilities.Examples: The forest to the south of the river was cut down.

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