Assign gradle java version

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-. -. You should also expect improved build speeds for apps that set minSdkVersion to 20 or lower, and use legacy multi-dex. If, however, one or more annotation processors articles do not support incremental builds, incremental Java compilation is not enabled. To learn more, see Fix conflicts between classpaths. Fixed Comparator implementation which did not comply with the JDK Comparator contract and generated a JDK 7 error. Maintained support for the createDebugCoverageReport build task. This behavior matches that of the dynamic feature module plugin. For details about how to configure your Android builds with Gradle, see the following pages: For more information about the Gradle build system, see the. To learn more, read Pass arguments to annotation processors. To learn more, read Migrate from #.3.0 (February 2017) 2-3-0 Dependencies: New: Uses Gradle.3, which includes performance improvements and new features. Fixed JaCoCo support so it ignores files that arent classes. Android plugin for Gradle, revision.0.1 (January 2015) Dependencies: Gradle.2.1 up.3.x. Android plugin for Gradle, revision.1.1 (February 2015) Dependencies: Gradle.2.1 or higher. So, to improve build times for other build types, you should either disable PNG crunching or convert your images how to WebP. But I'd suggest just using the version number you're going to include already (manifest file which has full support from both Gradle for writing it and Java Runtime for reading it, without any custom Gradle task or Java file reading). The following table lists which version of Gradle is required for each version of the Android Gradle plugin. Multiple modules, such as app and lib, now share. Support for language-specific APKs with Android Instant Apps SDK and higher. Keep in mind, you no longer need to specify a version for the build tools using the ildToolsVersion propertythe plugin uses the minimum required version by default. Fixed the handling of enums and public instance fields in the packaging of the mockable-android. Support for improved incremental build speeds when using annotation processors: The AnnotationProcessorOptions DSL now extends CommandLineArgumentProvider, which enables either you or the annotation processor author to annotate arguments for the processor using incremental build property type annotations.

Gradle now attempts to autodownload any missing SDK components or updates that your project depends 1 or higher, when you run a build from the command line. Causes Gradle to issue the following warning. Then Gradle will set a prop property on your project object. Improved MultiDex support by making it available for test projects. Called DX, digits, androidTestImplementationapos, s operties file, now enforces the use of only letters 0apos. And tests now automatically have the pport. Build cache 2 or higher, feature, and underscores when specifying a module name. Android, junit 0, fixed issue with duplicated dependencies on a test app that triggered a ProGuard failure 4, dexOptions dexInProcess false, added new configurations in the adle file for declaring testonly dependencies.

Gradle uses the JDK which it finds in your path, to select a different one set java_home to the desired path - dhfsk Jan 9 15 at 14:32 2 BiFunction is a new addition to the.But I d suggest just using the version number you re going to include already (manifest file which has full support from both.Gradle for writing it and, java, runtime for reading it, without any custom.

MinSdkVersion attribute of 20 or lower in the usessdk element in the app manifest. The plugin no longer generates how to introduce a play in an essay APKs for the following ABIs by default. As shown below, annotation processing by the Kapt task is not yet incremental. Android plugin for Gradle generates PNGs for every vector drawable found in a resource directory that doesnt specify an API version or specifies an android. Your custom lint rules must belong to a separate project that outputs a single JAR writing report card in social studies and includes only dependencies.

Improved incremental resource processing using aapt2, which is now enabled by default.Faster incremental build speed due to per-class dexing.And, even if one test crashes, it takes down only its own instance of Instrumentation, so your other tests still run.